„Gönnen Sie sich regelmäßig und schon frühzeitig eine Massage / Reflexzonen-Massage / Lymph-Drainage. Dann können sich Ihr Körper und Geist und Ihre Seele entspannen.”





Definition of Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage works on the body’s lymphatic system (= lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes and lymphoid organs / tissues) to increase the natural lymphatic flow.  The increased lymph flow can eliminate more toxins / waste products and transport more nutrients, and thus helps boosting the immune system.

Compared to the cardio-vascular system (which uses the heart as its “pump”) the lymphatic system has no “pump”, and thus lymph only flows because of pressure from surrounding skeletal muscles and contradiction of smooth muscle tissue in the walls of the lymphatic vessels.  However, this contraction needs some kind of pressure to set it off. 

The lymph is a watery, colourless fluid that leaks out of blood vessels and accumulates in spaces between cells of body tissue.  Lymph is very similar to the plasma in our blood.

Lymphatic drainage is beneficial for swellings and especially BEFORE and AFTER operations.

History of Lymphatic drainage

Gasparo Aselli (1561 – 1626)

He was an Italian surgeon who, while studying dogs, found vessels which were different to the blood vessels and called them “milky vessels”.

Olof (also: Olaus) Rudbeck the Elder (1630 – 1702)

He was a Swedish scientist who described the lymphatic system in 1651.  He is believed to be the first person to understand that the lymphatic system existed as a complete system.

Alexander de Winiwarter (1848 – 1917)

He was an Austrian-Belgian surgeon (born in Austria) who introduced the use of manual lymphatic drainage in hospitals.  And though the techniques were heavy and achieved limited results, they created a beginning for other methods.

Dr Emil Vodder (1889 – 1974) and his wife, Estrid Vodder

He was a Danish doctor, and she was a Danish naturopath, who both refined and improved de Winiwarter’s technique in 1932.  Vodder’s treatment has become known as “manual lymphatic drainage”.